Saturday, February 23, 2013

Organic and loving it......

I hadn't actually planned a visit to our organic depository today but the need for a kilo of dried mango persuaded me to venture from my Saturday plans. I did have a long swim first though as the summer looks like it will soon be stormed out again. It's been a wild season.
There is an eerie sense inside this particular store. I have driven through the local escarpment to get to this place. Can't put my finger on it but it starts even at the parking area where there are power sockets for electric charge at dollars a surge......I can only suppose its for some cars or scooters for the disabled. No petrol in sight. Healthy air.
The aisles inside the warehouse style slabs of bare concrete hold thousands of items. Its an enormous store. Daffodil essence, melaleuca spray free honey, goat bloat soap and crimson cabbage are mortgage worthy in price. You name it they got it. Massive quantities of spelt flour and preservative free condoms stare back at me. It's all so earthy in here and even more glaring is the hundreds of people buying up big time. La la la la la. I need to sing or hum urgently. Packed out. This is not a criticism just an observation from me. All squeaky and healthy. Seeds are by alphabetical order and health giving teas fill three rows of this store. I see ruddy cheeks and hessian hair bands, glove style shoes and hairy armpits. Meatless pies, laxative juniper drinks giant celery. Luscious berries are for sale alongside fat free possum cheese. Deodorant? What deodorant?
Carob has done a runner - organic unbleached white chocolate is in the front row.
The dried mango is a gift for an old lady. I am the gift provider and my friend is the flying deliverer. Australia to the UK...easy as.
Manoeuvring around the numbered bins it appears that the bags are also organic. The old brown paper bag trick. Fill it - find the unleaded pencil - write on the product number and pay. All Immensely frustrating. One kilo of dried mango doth not fit in a small paper bag. I eventually pay $80 for the days purchase and learn that I get 1 point for every $1 spent. If I ever reach GO I can collect a $10 voucher but only after making up 1000 points. Not in my lifetime...
The dried mango is absolutely delicious. No chemicals 100% organic. I feel guilty.
I have repacked it in an unhealthy plastic zip lock bag for its safe travelling.
Tomorrow it flies to that dear old lady ~ I hope she really likes it.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Back to blog @random

It's been a partial eclipse since I continued my first attempts at amateur blogging.
Now with a re scrambled and multi filed brain I want to try and continue some writing with my own photographs. (Doesn't nearly everyone?)
I am more than ever acutely aware of my elephant memory especially in the long term department. (Should have been a policeman.) It now seems right to share some of it with photographs, as a journal, to read perhaps when my own memory does fade away.
If it is only read by me...that's fine too. I will ramble. I will jump subject. I will recall some of the past.
I will...

My photo today is of a sliced cucumber. My fresh start blog pic. Beautifully created vegetable - complete with life giving fluid. Of not much calorific value. Tastes amazing. Causes burps in some. Sounding more like a crossword puzzle...but the image was produced in my kitchen and looked worthy of a quick shot with my small camera the Canon S95 Power Shot. AF sunlight only. I submitted it to Food Photography (a google+ group.)

Time for another Arpeggio coffee......preparing my brain for blogging.