Wednesday, February 20, 2013

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It's been a partial eclipse since I continued my first attempts at amateur blogging.
Now with a re scrambled and multi filed brain I want to try and continue some writing with my own photographs. (Doesn't nearly everyone?)
I am more than ever acutely aware of my elephant memory especially in the long term department. (Should have been a policeman.) It now seems right to share some of it with photographs, as a journal, to read perhaps when my own memory does fade away.
If it is only read by me...that's fine too. I will ramble. I will jump subject. I will recall some of the past.
I will...

My photo today is of a sliced cucumber. My fresh start blog pic. Beautifully created vegetable - complete with life giving fluid. Of not much calorific value. Tastes amazing. Causes burps in some. Sounding more like a crossword puzzle...but the image was produced in my kitchen and looked worthy of a quick shot with my small camera the Canon S95 Power Shot. AF sunlight only. I submitted it to Food Photography (a google+ group.)

Time for another Arpeggio coffee......preparing my brain for blogging.

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