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Monday, April 27, 2015

Adelaide Central Market ~ South Australia

I'm really glad I broke my journey to visit the Adelaide Central Market. (I was travelling from Perth to Sydney on the 'Indian Pacific' train zipping right across the The Nullarbor Desert ~ another story in itself ~ on the world's longest straight stretch of railway track. A staggering and bumpy 3 night train sleepover of 4352 kilometres!)
Adelaide Central Market
Anyway, the market was far better than I had ever expected. Not only a showcase for exquisite local fruits, produce and veg, but I found a variety of cooked meats, fresh fish, game, flowers and a whole load of sweet stuff that I never knew existed. Fragrant and aromatic this mostly indoor market of Adelaide Central is the maker and breaker of a lot of lives. Buying or selling, it's diversity cannot be argued with.
I was surprised to see a smooth custard coloured Mimolette cheese for sale. (Annato used here.) It was perched high on a counter top so far away from it's French and Danish heritage @just $73 a kilo. Gulp. Not safe on a hot train ~ so I just tasted it, expectantly nutty and sweet and would have been perfect with a sliced Corella pear. (In a later blog I'll put up a picture of a Mimolette we were gifted at Christmas. A speechless example of cheese excellence.)
Snapper heads @Angelakis Bros.

My favourite stall here was Angelakis Bros. and I've added an iphone shot of their snapper heads in this article as I was thinking of a nice soup or even they could be a very expensive crab pot bait. Row upon row of fresh fresh fresh, could have splashed out on organic skinned rabbits if only I had been near home. (Briefly I wondered where they had ended their days.) Hmmm rabbit pie. If only. Famous for it's chocolate (Haighs) German influenced baking, wines and more, I could have spent another year in Adelaide. (I once did the Penfolds Barossa Valley wine tour with friends. It's where you make and blend your own Bin 138 from Grenache, Shiraz and Mourvedre ~ laboratory style ~ for just AUD$65. The wine is later presented back to you in a labelled bottle with your name on it as the Penfolds winemaker. Pretty novel and a cute idea for a fun day out if you can handle all the tastings. (Must be booked in advance.) There must be a zillion other wineries to visit in South Australia.
I found an amazing sweet and lolly shops down central arcade, and it were as if I were back at school again. Coversations from sweet love hearts seen here along with old fashioned aniseed balls and rhubarb and custard drops. Back on the train I had collected myself a mixed selection of goodies to eat on the way to Sydney. The only thing I missed out on was a selection of really good fresh spices.

Forever in search of the best saffron!!